Giving Huel
A Boost

Creating a new customer experience that boosted revenue, conversions and avg order value

Huel is an innovative meal replacement product. It’s billed as 100% Nutrition delivered in the least time, and their customers absolutely LOVE it!

We helped them migrate to Shopify Plus with a new product experience designed to reduce friction and encourage sales.

We started by designing a product purchase experience that’s totally unique to their product line, doing on the fly calculations of servings and quantity as the user adds and removes items.

The new designs focussed on the customer experience at every step. Helping them add more to their basket with a single click helped boost the average order value.

All this at the same time as implementing subscriptions. This made things easier for the customer (never running out of Huel or having to reorder) and added recurring revenue for the business.

With 3 international stores, we created a unique product purchasing experience for Huel customers worldwide on Shopify Plus.